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Travel diary Shimla!

Before engaging for New Delhi to Shimla one way taxi services, let’s know about Shimla!

Shimla offers much more than delightful colonial building against a backdrop of the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas. Much more than the dozen of Bollywood songs set on mall road or it oldest boarding schools. The upper reaches around the Shimla region offers skating on natural ice as well as hosts the MTB Himalayas. Shimla also swanks ownership of the 16th century Tibetan scripts and the Jakhu Temple Shrine with Lord Hanuman’s footprint.

Ultimate travel guide- Shimla

  • Mall road-

    The town’s lifeline, the Mall road is the main street in Shimla. It’s the center of all activity. Over time, majestic buildings have been overrun by kitschy boutiques and buildings. Cafés, restaurants, as well as social hangouts on mall road are especially popular with locals and visitors alike.

  • Vice regal Lodge-

    Shimla Vice regal Lodge was designed by British architect Henry Irwin, as well as served as the residence of the British Viceroy of India. A fine display of Jacobethan architecture comprehensive with Tudor-style arches, as well as carved brick detailing on pillars, parapets and porches, Vice regal lodge dates back to 1888.

  • Rothney Castle-

    often overlooked on the sightseeing trail, Rothney Castle was the home of Allan Octavian Hume, the British civil servant who established the Congress in 1885. Though it is in much need of restoration, this now privately held property on Jakko Hill still has reflections of its glorious past in the intricate wood as well as glass work that can be seen here.

  • Christ Church-

    The second oldest church in India dating back to 1857, Christ Church is a well-known landmark in Shimla. Located on the Ridge, it’s a fine display of neo-Gothic architecture. With stained glass windows, a pipe organ, a clock tower, as well as a rich assortment of scriptures, its stands out for its grandeur.

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