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Say No to Travel, Follow Lockdown and Stay Safe 

CoronaVirus has been the deadliest pandemic situation that resulted in lockdown in the country. More than 200 countries are under the effect of this virus that has caused approximately 1,533,542 confirmed cases and 89,747 deaths worldwide till now(Source worldometers.info ). Not just in India, the lockdown has been imposed in almost every country to combat COVID-19 and prevent the spread of the Corona. As there’s no medicine or vaccine, the only way that could help everyone and prevent its spread is a lockdown. This means no traveling unnecessarily and maintaining social distancing. Travelling is needed to be avoided in such a situation.

“Because of the wellbeing of the people and preventing the spread of the virus, Taxiworld.in has stopped giving rental taxi hire services. They understand the criticality of the situation and want everyone to stay home safely.” 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all the schools, colleges, malls, temples, tourist places, airports, bus stops, cab servicers, private transports, and many other establishments have been closed till further notice. All these are being done to prevent the travel of people and maintain social distancing. Because of this, most of the people are confused about the traveling guidelines. So, the government has released a guideline through which you can check whether your reason for travel will be considered an emergency or not. 

Preventive measures and social distancing tips while traveling for emergency service staffs

Though everything is under lockdown, people related to emergency services need to travel even in these situations. Whether it is a doctor, cleaning staff, banker or media-related person, they all have to go for their duty every day. They are the frontline staff who’re working every single hour to make the things possible for the country. 

As they are needed to travel every day regardless of the spread of the virus, they need to know some important things. Let’s have a look at important tips related to traveling for the frontline service staffs:

Tips to be followed while traveling in lockdown to prevent Coronavirus

Wear a mask to cover nose and mouth:


If there is an urgency, then always cover your nose & mouth with an effective mask. The main purpose of using the mask is to stop the droplets of an infected person to enter yours. During the travel, you might come across various people so it is better to take precautions. You are also recommended not to touch your face, eyes or mouth if you are traveling anywhere.

Maintain 6 feet distance:

social distancing
Credit: Johns Hopkins University

The first thing that you need to do is to maintain social distancing as much as possible. If you have any urgency then don’t go out anywhere just for time pass or fun The emergency service people need to travel to their office, hospitals, and clinics. Whenever you meet anyone, just keep a distance of 6 feet. This will help in reducing the chances of getting your coronavirus infected from others. 

Keep washing your hands or use a sanitizer:

handwash 20seconds
Source: Youtube

When traveling to your bank or hospital, make sure to keep washing your hands with hand wash for at least 20 seconds. If you are not having hand wash then carry a small bottle hand sanitizer while traveling. Keep sanitizing your hands properly at a regular interval of time. Make sure that you are using a sanitizer that has more than 70 percent alcohol in it. 

Use your vehicle in lockdown:

One of the most important tips you need to follow is to drive your vehicle while traveling. Though many public means of transport are closed, people can use public buses to reach their workplaces and return to home. While traveling in these buses, you should take extra preventive care. On those buses, many people travel daily so you need to be a little careful. Preventing touching the handles and doorknobs.

These tips are important if you are a frontline employee and you have to travel every day. With these tips, you can prevent coronavirus spread.

If you are not among the emergency services then you must follow these:

When to travel?

Without a reasonable reason, you should not travel anywhere. As per the government only for basic necessities such as medicine, milk, and food, you are allowed to go out.

When not to travel?

You shouldn’t go shopping, campsites, parks or any similar places. The entire country is under a lockdown situation in which you need to stay at home.

Seeing the criticality and condition of the country, Taxiworld.in urges its customers not to go outside without any urgent reason. This could save many lives and prevent the spread of Coronavirus to a great extent. The company will start the taxi rental service once the lockdown gets over and the situations get completely controlled. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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